Ramon Tallaj

Chairman of the Board
SOMOS Community Care
Dr. Ramon Tallaj is the Chairman of the Board of SOMOS Community Care, which he founded in 2015, as the only physician-led performance provider system participating in New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP). Dr. Tallaj oversees SOMOS’ network of nearly 3,500 health care providers and over 650,000 patients from largely underserved communities across New York City, including many Asian and Hispanic immigrants – populations that face unique health challenges. Dr. Tallaj has led numerous health care missions to the Caribbean over the course of his career, including most recently a delegation of SOMOS bilingual network physicians and specialists from New York to Puerto Rico in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The delegation delivered care in remote areas of Puerto Rico that suffered from lack of adequate care even before the hurricane. Dr. Tallaj hails from the Dominican Republic.