Quentin Tyson

Senior Technical Advisor
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Mr. Tyson first introduction to IT was programming in BASIC language in 1988 which sparked his interest and created the path to follow. His first fulltime work experience in IT started in 1992 as a 74F Computer Analyst in the Army which included programming in ADA, managing the IT services oversees and other locations. After leaving the military, he focused more on the Networking side and became a part of the USF&G team supporting/building the Novell servers (2.1x and beyond) across the country which lead to more involvement of other areas in IT such as security, networking, etc. During this time, he focused on his BS degree in Information Systems at UMBC and went on to complete his Masters in Telecommunication from Johns Hopkins. He worked as DAP, Inc. as the Network Manager responsible for building out the local network from token-ring to Ethernet as well as manage the overall IT infrastructure. He worked at Ameritrade (now TD Ameritrade) for 6 years as a Network Engineer supporting the financial infrastructure for daily trading. During that time he worked with the team on the migration from FORE ATM to Cisco as well as building out a new hot site for the data center. He has since been with Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) and worked in multiple capacities which ranged from Network Lead to Division Director for 9 years and recently has taken on a new role as Senior Technical Advisor. In this capacity, he is helping to identify and lead the onboarding of new technologies and strategies that will assist in providing better health care for the Medicare Beneficiaries.