Pete Walowen

Sr. Organizational Performance Consultant
UPMC Health Plan
Pete Walowen is an accomplished puzzle master with an inherent knack for analyzing complex customer-supplier relationships within organizations.Pete identifies challenges and ferreting out non-value added activities, then designing and implementing solutions that maximize value while minimizing internal effort.Thus providing scalability and reducing error. With 15 plus years of experience in manufacturing environments optimizing Toyota lean methods and an additional 10 years in the Health Insurance industry developing Six Sigma skills for administration functions. Pete has taken a diverse background and adopted a uniquely personable, yet technically focused method for observing processes, extracting relevant user knowledge, and recognizing root cause challenges for the most complex issues and presenting them in an understandable and visually impactful way. He designed and implemented value added solutions that reduce waste, and provides increased efficiency accuracy and scalability. Humility, Humor, Intellect, and Awareness serve as the foundation for his successful ability to troubleshoot complex issues and deliver efficient and elegant solutions. He has served as a Corporate Buyer, a manufacturing Plant Manager, and most currently serves a Senior Organizational Performance Consultant for a large, Pennsylvania Health Care Organization with multiple national and international awards for excellence.Coordinated the development of award winning first Health Plan I-pad application for collecting and disseminating clinical data derived from Health Screening Events for Medicare members.Pete was involved in architecting, managing and deploying the provider Termination Notification Tool(TNT). Most currently Pete’s efforts are geared toward the improvement of Provider directory processes in the UPMC Insurance Service Division.