Pekka Sivonen

Director of Digitalization Strategy and Programs
Innovation Funding Agency, Business Finland
BEEN THERE, DONE THAT: Has raised the most private equity funding in Finland, 38 million Euros in two rounds. 3+35 million. RECOGNITION: Has been selected as the Entrepreneur Of The Year in Services in Finland by Ernst &Young in years 2004, 2005 and 2006 RESPONSIBLE VISIONARY: Chair of Finland 2030 Future Committee for Corporate renewal. Participation in ICT2015 Workgroup. Judges internationally sw. FROM ZERO TO HERO: Founder of Digia, a publicly NASDAQ OMX -listed mobile sw-company. Took the company from 1 person to 1.600 persons. Has  20 years experience  in mobile software and 35 years as entrepreneur. CREATOR:Previously Executive in Residence position at Aalto University Center for Entrepreneurship as the Head of AppCampus, a three year global acceleration program funded by Microsoft and Nokia, then heading health-tech startup accelerator VERTICAL in collaboration with Samsung and Sonera. Co-Founder of HealthSPA –ecosystem and IndustryHack, a open innovation accelerator of IoT. Now responsible for 5G, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Economy and Smart Mobility programs and digitalizationsstrategy at Finnish Innovation Funding Agency BUSINESS FINLAND. PASSION FOR LIFE: Pekka´s passion is mentoring and coaching new and established start-ups on business-plans, clients, financing and go-to-market. He also loves cooking, fly-fishing and downhill skiing.