Pamela Nesbitt

Distinguished Engineer
IBM Watson Health
As a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, Pam Nesbitt is a technical leader with a history of working with a large number of clients, internationally and has been deeply involved in the Healthcare, Education & Transportation industries. Pam is also an active inventor and mentor, creating the Women Inventors Community at IBM in 2006, the first of its kind, in order to help spur women in IBM to invent. She also has over 170 filed inventions with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Pam has a Bachelor of Science in Field of Study Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell University, and a Master of Computer and Information Science degree from Cleveland State University. As a Chief Architect for IBM Watson Health, Pam is currently focused on a partnership solution which is changing the story for people with diabetes, providing insights which will help prevent life-threatening events and ensure better understanding of everyday behaviors. Responsibilities include architectural leadership, strategic and legal technical guidance, and ensuring delivery of a ground-breaking application on schedule. Prior to the healthcare focus, Pam was instrumental in architecting solutions for a number of clients in Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Water and various other domains. She led the architecture, strategic transformation and delivery of an integrated Intelligent Operations for Transportation solution.