Nils Fischer

Senior Analyst
Partners Connected Health
Nils Fischer is a Senior Analyst at Partners Connected Health and a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School. With his background and training in epidemiology and quantitative methods from the Yale School of Public Health, he has expertise designing clinical studies and applying longitudinal analytic methods. Nils has a deep interest is in improving access to healthcare through economically viable human centered solutions. His projects at Partners Connected Health have focused on using wearable sensors to influence healthier behavior, applying predictive algorithms to clinical settings, to using phone applications to enhance health coaching and patient self-management. Prior to working with Partners Healthcare, Nils’ interest in population health has led him to work in various research capacities outside the US. As a Peace Corps Volunteer and research assistant in impoverished regions of Peru, Nils implemented and managed community health projects to reduce rates of both chronic and infectious diseases. As a graduate student researcher, he worked with the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico to better understand the relationship between food insecurity and micronutrient deficiencies.