Nathan Rain

Group Manager of Master Data Management
BJC Healthcare
Nathan Rain began his career in data management and governance during the year of 2000 as a data analyst for Anheuser-Busch. He worked on a team that built a data management system called Corporate Reference Data (CRD) which contained data entities that Anheuser-Busch projects needed. The team would also perform Subject Area Investigations (SAIs) that would highlight were an entity was being maintained across locations. The goal was to identify the best fields within each instance to model/copy that CRD for others to use, eventually eliminating the duplicative efforts. This experience proved to become very useful later in Nathan’s career. Nathan moved from data analyst to data modeler, working with DBAs and data modelers to create data standard and peer reviews to create consistency. In 2006, Nathan joined the Sisters of Mercy Health System as the Business Intelligence Operations Lead. From there he went from Business Intelligence Project Manager, to Operations Manager. In 2010, Nathan moved to BJC Healthcare as Group Manager of Business Intelligence, spending 6 years managing the Business Intelligence Team. Last year, BJC Healthcare, decided to embark on an MDM journey and Nathan was offered the opportunity to build and lead this new MDM team. His previous experience working on the Anheuser-Busch CRD team and understanding data standard benefits was useful as the “golden record” was back that created the perfect challenge for Nathan. Nathan has a Bachelors of Science in Education from the University of Central Missouri of Warrensburg, MO and a Masters Degree in Information Management from Washington University of St. Louis, MO.