Topic: Staffing Shortages

Topic: Staffing Shortages

Description: MyRA (My Resource Assistant) provides a more efficient means of addressing the staffing shortage issues of our healthcare system. MyRA helps alleviate the negative impact that staffing issues have on patient safety and care, which result from understaffed and overworked employees. MyRA provides an on-demand healthcare staffing platform that serves as a conduit for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities to connect, in order to service their staffing and scheduling needs. The application (app) is designed to empower nurses with a means of controlling their work schedule, while also providing facilities with a resource to fulfill their supplemental staffing needs without utilizing a staffing agency as an intermediary.

Team Member(s):

D Marie Thompson, RN, JD : CEO | Founder

Omega Finney, MSN, RN-BC : Clinical Informatics Liason

Antonio Gandia, MD, FACEP : Advisor