Mohamed A Aggag

Children Cancer Hospital In Egypt (57357)
Dr. Aggag is a Pediatric radiologist. Dr Aggag is Currently the Chief Medical Informatics Officer “CMIO” and Vice President of the research department since March 2016. Dr Aggag was graduated from Kasr Alaini medical school, Cairo University on June 1993. Dr Aggag is an Assistant Professor of radiology at the National cancer institute, Cairo University. Dr Aggag was one of the hospital founders whom started the hospital operation and he was the Director of the radiology department 2007 – 2012. Early 2012 Dr Aggag immigrated to Canada and continued his post graduate training as Pediatric radiologist in University of Ottawa and McMaster university. Dr Aggag was hired as an Clinical implementation consultant by GE healthcare Germany for Arabization of the RIS/PACS project in Egypt in 2011 and once more in 2015 by GE healthcare as Clinical implementation consultant. Dr Aggag during his stay in Canada, founded the Egypt Cancer Network – Canada as a Charitable organization supporting the 57357 Hospital. Dr Aggag is currently the president of ECN-Canada.