Michelle Frieling

Department Manager, Flight and Medical Operations
Michelle Frieling is the Operations Group Manager for Wyle Science, Technology, and Engineering. An alumnus of Vanderbilt University, Michelle holds her Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology. She began her career as a researcher at University of Virginia and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center focusing on developing treatments for anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Hired by Wyle in 1999, Michelle has held positions of increasing levels of responsibility, with a focus in Space Medicine and operations. Starting as a flight controller focusing on medical operations for both the space shuttle and International Space Station programs, she moved into overseeing Space Medicine training operations where she helped design and identify innovative training techniques for astronauts and ground crew. Michelle utilized her expertise in human spaceflight operations to concentrate on the emerging commercial human spaceflight market. During that time, she co-chaired the Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Council (COMSTAC) Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) working group Task Force on Training. As a part of this task force, Michelle helped author the Commercial Human Space Operations Training Standards. She has been actively involved in the Space Medicine Association and is a previous member-at-large with the organization.