Mei Chen

President and Chief Research Officer
Seenso Institute For Public Health
Dr. Mei Chen is an educator, researcher, health information specialist, and innovator with over 25 years of experience in the design and evaluation of education and health-related information technology. She is the founder, president and chief research officer of the Seenso Institute for Public Health, a non-profit organization that leverages health information technology to improve the health of people worldwide. She was a university professor who taught many graduate courses related to the design and evaluation of information technology and supervised many graduate projects that involved the development of computer training programs for some Canadian corporations and organizations. She has conducted several research projects to understand the characteristics of effective computer-based learning and performance-supporting systems and she is passionate about creating consumer digital health solutions to effectively improve public health education and chronic disease self-management. Dr. Chen has dedicated the past decade to the research and development of a cognitive-based semantic medical search engine named, which recently received the bronze medal for Digital Health Awards (for web content curation) by the Health Information Resource Center. Her team is now using their new NLP, AI, and other emerging technologies to create an intelligent, integrated, and connected mobile app to support patient education and self-management of chronic disease. Dr. Mei Chen obtained her Ph. D. from the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling, McGill University in 2001.