Meg Furukawa, MSN, RN/CNS, RN-BC

Nurse Informaticist
UCLA Health
Meg Furukawa MN, RN-BC, CNS is a Nurse Informaticist at UCLA Health.  Her clinical background is in the ICU as a clinical nurse specialist.  She has worked in Nursing Informatics for 18 years and is board certified as an Informatics Nurse.  Meg has experience developing, educating, implementing, supporting and optimizing EHRs to improve patient care and outcomes in inpatient and ambulatory settings.  Her focus is integrated areas, including blood administration, lab, medications, workflow acuity and analytics.  She is currently an active participant in the Validation of Information Models subgroup of the Clinical Data Analytics workgroup of the Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference, working to demonstrate the value of sharable and comparable nurse-sensitive data to support practice and research to transform healthcare and improve patient quality and safety.  Meg has presented nationally and internationally on various topics related to nursing informatics.Vapormax