Mauro Zanardini

Techinical Project Manager
Arsenàl.IT Consortium
Mauro Zanardini reached the MS degree in Bioengineering at the University of Padua (Italy). From 2010 to 2013 he worked for consorzio Arsenàl.IT, for Consorzio Arsenàl.IT, a consortium among the 23 Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts of the Veneto Region (Italy), as Project Engineer and Interoperability Specialist. During that period of time he supported the project design activities and the implementation of standardized solutions, for many regional, national and internaitonal projects in the eHealth field. Starting from 2013, he leads the team that designs the interoperability framework for the regional HIE (Health Information Exchange) platform, as a Technical Project Manager. At the same time he plays another key role for Consorzio Arsenàl.IT, managing the local software certification process that allows systems to be involved in the regional HIE platform. Since 2010 Mauro is an active participans of many different IHE committees, and he actively participated in 6 European IHE Connect-a-thons. Since 2015 he covers the role of IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Co-chair.