Matthew Ernst

Director, Training, Documentation & Support
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health System
Matt started his career in working in the Retail Industry and gleaned valuable experience in understanding customer service and reputation management. His experience led him to pursue a role in healthcare training and support department. An avid learner & passionate about technology, Matt helped develop a support system that now caters to the Jefferson Enterprise. Since becoming the director of Training, Documentation, and Support at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health. His team is a core part of the Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (DICE) Group that spans the entire enterprise. Matt has led numerous departments across the Jefferson IS&T department over the past 20+ years, always with an eye toward leveraging innovation to improve the experience of the consumers (who include patients, staff and the public). Matt has a deep interest in using new technologies to bring change to the standard processes expected in most support organizations. These innovations have led to numerous solutions developed across Jefferson which improve the overall experience and bring consumer based technologies to a corporate environment.
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