Matthew Dicks

Director, IT Innovations
Mantech International Corporation
Mr. Dicks began his journey into the world of IT in 1993 when he went to work for General Physics Corporation. Although originally hired as a drafter/designer he quickly expanded into desktop support and networking. While building new computers and transforming his office from a sneaker-net into an Ethernet, he began coding with Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project for the United States Air Force at Cape Canaveral. Mr. Dicks supported many customers including providing network and computer support for Merck Pharmaceutical and developing and providing software application training to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. In 2001 Mr. Dicks began working for SAIC where he supported the Oracle Forms based Industrial Security Facilities Database then helped design and led the development team that successfully implemented a Java n-tier enterprise application to replace the aging Oracle Forms based system. In 2006 Mr. Dicks took his Java enterprise skills to Legg Mason where he led the design and development implementing Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) for 20+ global Legg Mason public websites. In 2010, Mr. Dicks went to work as a Technical Architect for Edaptive Systems (acquired by ManTech International in 2016) where he supported the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Mr. Dicks sat on the CMS Centers for Clinical Standards & Quality (CCSQ) Technical Compliance Board to provide guidance on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Mr. Dicks also provided technical leadership on Data Lakes and Microservice Architecture for the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Reporting System (EQRS). Now Mr. Dicks is the Director of IT Innovations with ManTech International for software architecture and provides technical solution expertise for many federal customers.