Martin Lupinetti

Executive Director
HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Marty is widely known in the Delaware Valley health information technology community and looked up to for his leadership among colleagues. As the Executive Director of HealthShare Exchange (HSX), he serves a key position in building the interconnectivity and interoperability in health information that is helping to define the future of healthcare in the region, state, and nation. Marty and his staff work integrally with technology and clinical colleagues at more than 50 member hospital/health systems, insurers, practice providers, and clinics –– building an exchange for a more-collaborative, coordinated healthcare community. Marty’s experience includes more than 25 years of executive roles, strategic planning, and technology implementation and deployment oversight, including with the North Highland Company (Principal and Public Sector Lead for Health IT) and State of New Jersey (Program Manager, HIT Coordinator’s Office). Marty now leads one of the most ambitious HIE efforts in the country, offering services that include Direct Secure Messaging (Direct), Clinical Activity History (CAH), Automated Care Team Finder (ACTF), Encounter Notification Service (ENS), and Clinical Data Repository (CDR) for the nation’s fourth largest healthcare market. HSX also is embarking on its “Market Street” initiative to provide access to clinical data and related information as an innovation opportunity for entrepreneurs, providers, and consumers that will drive application development, research, care monitoring, and more. In addition, HSX is expanding its exchange activities with other HIEs in Pennsylvania and is extending its service arrangements to healthcare entities in New Jersey. Marty has been a member of the Delaware Valley HIMSS board since 2014, and currently services as president of that board.