Marc Probst

Intermountain Healthcare
Marc Probst is the vice president and CIO at Intermountain Healthcare. Marc is nationally recognized as a CIO and has been a leader in information technology and healthcare services for more than 30 years.
Prior to Intermountain, Marc was a partner with two large professional service organizations: Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young, serving healthcare provider and payer organizations. He served on the Federal Healthcare Information Technology Policy Committee, which assisted in developing HIT Policy for the U.S. government. He is a member of CHIME and HIMSS, where he has taken several leadership roles, including chair of CHIME’s Policy Steering Committee in 2017; chair of the CHIME Board of Trustees in 2016, and chair of the CHIME Foundation Board in 2017.
His past awards include the Utah HIMSS Chapter’s 2019 Healthcare Tech Leader of the Year and CHIME’s 2018 Federal Public Policy Award for CIO Leadership.