Linda L. Stotsky

LSC Healthcare Consulting
Working for companies like BCBST, GE Healthcare, e-MDs and MEDHOST/HMS, Linda Stotsky aligns EMR, PM eRX , HIE and patient facing systems to workflow, clinical process and business need. A marketing firebrand, Linda uses skill in visual communications, design and marketing to strategically create and design deliverables that mirror brand standards. Linda contributes regularly to content and audio conversations in Health IT. She sits front and center in the transformation of patient care, addressing challenges through shared personal experience. Linda is filming a collage of personal stories about patient portal use, focusing on the inability to derive value from Health IT systems, specifically patient facing systems like lab results and patient portals. In this discussion, present day systems (vendor agnostic) will be discussed, and real users of the systems (patients) will be included in the video collage.