Lara L McCall

Director Case Management
Southeast Alabama Medical Center
Lara McCall is a nursing executive leading the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Lara has served as a clinician for almost 20 years across healthcare settings and has been a trailblazer in the discovery and implementation of emerging solutions aimed at improving patient health outcomes. In her current role, Lara oversees a staff of more than 40 individuals who are responsible for all discharge, care coordination, and care delivery for the Southeast Alabama Medical Center. She has been instrumental in the selection and implementation of the provider’s AI asset, which is being applied to reduce readmissions, prevent pressure injuries, and drive the primary prevention of inpatient sepsis. She spearheaded workflow design, change management activities, and ROI reporting, and established critical processes that have helped drive the success of AI within Southeast Alabama Medical Center. Motivated by the desire to improve the health and lives of those within her community, Lara has emerged as a leader with the ability to transform AI solutions into positive patient impact.
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