Kevin Ross

General Manager
Precision Driven Health
Kevin Ross is General Manager of Precision Driven Health, a multi-million-dollar program on data science and analytics created to enable precision health solutions. This initiative is private-public partnership between the New Zealand government, District Health Boards, academic institutions and health technology company Orion Health. In 2013, Dr Ross founded the New Zealand Analytics Forum, a community of over 2200 professionals who apply analytics to solve government and business problems. The Forum explores what best practice looks like across different industries. Prior to joining Precision Driven Health, Dr Ross was Chief Scientist of Optimisation Modelling at Fonterra, a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,500 farmers, where he led the development of analytics capability for product mix, asset investment and forecasting for New Zealand’s largest company. He is Adjunct Associate Professor of Technology and Information Management at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and was previously Principal Consultant for PA Consulting Group. He has worked across multiple sectors, including for NASA, Bell Labs, Eli Lilly and London Councils. Dr Ross’s qualifications are PhD, MSc. (Mgmt Sci & Eng) - Stanford University and BSc(Hons) - University of Canterbury.
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