Kelsey Bierlein

Informatics Dietitian
Seattle Childrens Hospital
In my current role as a Registered Dietitian, specializing in Informatics at Seattle Children's Hospital, I bring enthusiasm, passion and a fresh perspective with a drive to continually learn. As well as aspirations to continue laying the foundation of a dynamic career. My background provides me a strong foundation and passion for clinical patient care, informatics, project management, continuous improvement, leadership and clinical operations. In addition I've gleaned from opportunities to participate in a large scale Integrated facility design project, multiple improvement driven projects including order redesigns in Epic and various multidisciplinary clinical and systems processes. I believe in the power of fruits and veggies with a back to basics and whole food approach to general everyday nutrition. I live work and play in the nutrition world and look forward to providing exceptional patient care, improvement culture, leadership and team work. Act as a liaison between the Clinical Applications Team, IT Staff, Clinicians/Dietitians and Nutrition staff to facilitate sound systems design that support Nutrition operations and clinical practices in place at Children's. Perform as system analyst for the menu and nutrition related software systems in continuous build phases and ongoing maintenance. Provide training and support as necessary to ensure adoption and acceptance of systems and related processes. Collaborate with hospital Informatics teams and roles to support interfaces for clinical, patient services, production, retail, and business activities. Participate in the evaluation, implementation and monitoring of department’s metrics for continuous performance improvement activities. Maintain oversight and best practices as related to Nutrition Informatics and systems across the value steam of care and activities