Keller Rinaudo

Founder & CEO
Keller Rinaudo is the CEO and co-founder of Zipline, which manages a system of custom robotic aircraft specifically designed to carry life-saving medical supplies to areas in need. Called a “visionary project” by the World Health Organization, “the new face of the aerospace industry” in The New York Times, and one of Business Insider’s “Startups to Watch” in 2017, Zipline uses cutting-edge technology to leapfrog the absence of preexisting infrastructure all over the globe and deliver medical necessities to healthcare professionals and their patients in the most remote parts of the world. The company currently operates in parts of Africa as well as within three U.S. states. Rinaudo oversees a team of 30 aerospace and software engineers formerly of companies including SpaceX, Boeing and Google, and is based in San Francisco. A former TED main stage speaker, Rinaudo was named one of 2016’s “Most Creative People in Business” by Fortune and made Forbes’prestigious 2017“30 Under 30” list in the Consumer Technology category. In 2017, Fast Company named drones being used for good as one of the “12 tech trends that will shape our lives” this year, and cited Zipline’s work as proof. Before founding Zipline, Rinaudo was a software engineer with a special interest in robots and autonomous systems. A graduate of Harvard University, he built computers out of RNA and DNA that operate in human cells as molecular doctors and published this research in Nature Biotechnology, becoming one of the youngest first authors in its history. Rinaudo will share his thoughts on how to test solutions quickly to effectively maximize output, how to emerge as an innovation leader in a sector dominated by entrenched systems, how to discover simple solutions to complex problems, and what technology and robotics mean for the future of healthcare.