Juuso Leinonen, BEng

Senior Project Engineer
ECRI Institute
Juuso Leinonen is a senior project engineer at the health devices group at ECRI Institute, where he performs medical device evaluations, develops practical guidance for healthcare facilities, consults with healthcare facilities about medical technologies, and conducts accident investigations. He is a subject matter expert in medical device cybersecurity, infusion technology, and telehealth. He also is a primary representative in IHE patient care domain planning committee and ACCE membership committee. Mr. Leinonen has been the lead author with high profile ECRI Institute publications which include an ECRI Institute free public guidance article: Ransomware Attacks: How to protect your medical device systems, and ECRI Institute's top 10 Health Technology Hazard List 2018 #1 Ransomware and Other Cybersecurity Threats to Healthcare Delivery Can Endanger Patients. He came to ECRI Institute with a background in clinical engineering from St George's Hospital London, United Kingdom and holds a BEng degree in biomedical engineering from City University London, United Kingdom
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