Julia Murphy

Director, Dissemination
Peterson Center on Healthcare
Julia Murphy, M.Sc., is Director, Dissemination at the Peterson Center on Healthcare where she is responsible for designing and implementing the Center’s initiatives to spread and scale models of care that have been identified and validated as producing the best outcomes at the lowest cost. Previously she was a consultant to the Clinical Excellence Research Center at the Stanford School of Medicine where she jointly led an effort to identify the highest performing primary care practices in the United States on measures of both quality of outcomes and total cost of care. She was a 2012-13 U.K. Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice working with Dr. Ken Kizer and Dr. Andy Bindman on health care value. Prior to that she headed the National Health Services of London’s primary care quality improvement program. She designed and guided implementation of the first regional transparency-based primary care improvement initiative for the London district of the NHS. The initiative was selected by the NHS for national replication implementation and she was awarded the Health Service Journal award for Enhancing Care with Data and Information Management. Ms. Murphy was also responsible for the design and execution of programs that rapidly increased childhood immunization uptake across London and that were recognized by the Health Protection Agency as a national example of rapid improvement. Prior to her work in London, she served as health improvement performance management lead for NHS Health Scotland, where she was responsible for designing and implementing Scotland-wide health improvement initiatives.