Judi Reed

Senior Manager, Clinical Operations Analytics & User Experience
Adventist Health System
Judi is a Registered nurse with both her MSN in nursing leadership and management and her masters in healthcare informatics. She is CPHIMSS certified and has a wide variety of experience in both nursing and healthcare IT. Prior to joining Adventist Health System, Judi was an oncology certified nurse. She joined AHS in 2007 and changed her specialty to pediatrics. In 2010, when the hospital introduced CPOE, Judi joined the clinical informatics team and worked as a physician liaison. In this role, Judi helped to educate physicians on how to use the computer systems to deliver care. It was not long after Judi started this job that she was moved up to the corporate offices medical informatics team where she oversaw physician liaisons at 32 hospitals. She continued to work in this role until 2016 when her desire to become involved in analytics became a reality. She joined the team as the regional manager of filed analytics coordinators. Today, Judi is the senior manager of clinical operations analytics and User Experience. She continues to work for Adventist Health System.
Judi Reed, MSN, MSHI, CPHIMSS is presenting at: