Jonathan Michel

Director of Population Health IT
University of Virginia Medical Center
Dr. Jonathan Michel leads a group of data scientists at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Ongoing efforts by the UVA Medical Center data science team in collaboration with providers help build applications of risk models, predictive models and evaluations of interventions. These applied efforts span topics such as Health and Wellness program evaluation, Infectious Disease risk modeling, decompensating patients detection. Dr Michel began applying machine learning in medical analytics as early as 1992. Then collaborating with a pediatric neurosurgeon at the University of Vermont, he developed a neural network based approach for evaluating head trauma patients. At AbTech, Inc., subsequent to receiving his Ph.D. at University of Virginia, he was the principal investigator for the National Institutes of Health data mining tool, "Prophet." He led the machine learning group in the development of the award winning ModelQuest software. After AbTech, Dr. Michel worked for Sperry and for Biotage developing sensor systems. His work at Biotage resulted in a patent in High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Stepping back into the research and development domain, Dr. Michel developed new data mining techniques for government customers at Presearch and SAIC. As the CTO of the SAIC's Intelligence Systems Business Unit, Dr. Michel collaborated with SAIC Health to lead research and sponsor academic investigations of Big Data health initiatives, bringing technologies and scale-up approaches of data handling developed in the cybersecurity domain to healthcare analytics. Dr. Michel was named a SAIC Technical Fellow in 2007.