John Showalter

Chief Product Officer
Dr. John Showalter is an influential thought leader on the innovative use of health information technology, devices, and data to drive improvements in healthcare delivery. His leadership on using deep machine learning and predictive analytics to understand patterns and priorities gained from harnessing big data is creating change in Mississippi through population health management and research initiatives. As the chief health information officer (CHIO) at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), Dr. Showalter oversees the institutional push behind establishing metrics driven process improvement in key areas targeted by CMS pay-for-performance initiatives and was the executive sponsor of the ICD-10 implementation and clinical documentation excellence programs from 2013-2015. In 2012, he served the institute as the physician executive driving the big-bang implementation of an Epic EHR with 23 applications in 5 hospitals and 95 clinics. He was recognized as the top young health IT executive by Health Data Management in 2012 and speaks nationally on physician learning styles, the diffusion of innovation in healthcare, and leveraging machine learning and predictive analytics to improve healthcare quality. Additionally, Dr. Showalter provides thought leadership on information governance, the value of partnerships between physicians and health information management professionals, and methods for operationalizing predictive analytics in meaningful ways within health systems. Synthesizing these ideas, Dr. Showalter partnered with Leigh Williams to found Propel Health IT and now offers educational seminars to health information technology innovators on how healthcare providers and executives think, act, and make decisions.