John Rekart, PhD

Chief of Quality Management and Informatics
California Department of Corrections and Rehabilit
Dr. Rekart serves as Chief Psychologist and Statewide Chief of Quality Management and Informatics for Mental Health at the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation. He has worked in correctional health care for more than 16 years. He was the configuration architect for the mental health implementation of the EHRS for CDCR. He oversaw the design, testing and implementation for mental health across 35 institutions for the State of California. He previously assisted in design and activation of a 1700 bed correctional acute care facility and served as Chief of Mental Health for the same facility. His current projects include leveraging CDCR's robust Enterprise Data Warehouse to provide decision support in the EHRS by interfacing the EHRS, the Offender Data Management System, and our Enterprise Data Warehouse.