John Policastro

Streamline Plus LLC
John Policastro spent 15 years of his career at manufactures and value added resellers selling wired and wireless voice and data infrastructure. While working with wireless solutions at hospitals, he used middleware to enable alerts and notifications from hospital information systems to be sent to wireless devices. After experiencing the level of efficiency achieved with middleware, John developed a passion to help hospitals streamline processes plus reduce costs with electronic forms and signature. Initially he worked with hospitals to transition patient facing paper processes to electronic forms and signature. His scope of responsibilities later expanded to include back-office transitions within HR, Accounts Payable and Customer Service departments. Working to transition back-offices from paper to digital processes opened doors to other vertical markets. As an employee, John earned responsibilities for regions throughout North America. 10 years after first working with middleware and software solutions, John launched Streamline Plus LLC in 2015 where he maintains a passion for helping organization streamline processes plus reduce costs. Additionally, John is Vice President/President Elect of the NC chapter of HIMSS.