John Keilty

Chief Data Sciences Officer
Thrive Earlier Detection
John Keilty is a Venture Partner at Third Rock Ventures and currently serves as the interim Chief Data Officer at Thrive Earlier Detection, a company dedicated to saving lives by integrating earlier cancer detection into routine medical care. Thrive is developing CancerSEEK, a blood-based screening test designed to detect many cancers at earlier stages of disease, which will serve as the core of Thrive’s integrated service offering. At Third Rock Ventures, John has built and leads the platform team, which develops, implements and refines technology roadmaps for the 50+ companies across their portfolio. In addition to his role with Thrive, he serves as the Chief Data Sciences Officer at Decibel Therapeutics. Prior to joining Third Rock, John was the Vice President of information technology and informatics at Infinity Pharmaceuticals where he was responsible for information systems, software development, computational science, biostatistics, clinical data management and clinical informatics. Over the course of almost 13 years at Infinity, John had the unique opportunity to play a critical role in the genesis and evolution of the company's science, technology and business. Before joining Infinity, John was an early member of Millennium Pharmaceuticals, where he held various roles with broad ownership for the creation, management, implementation and transfer of many of the company’s core genomic technologies. Before Millennium, John worked in the Howard Hughes lab of Michael Green at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, focusing on basic research in transcription and gene splicing. John received his B.A. in biology from Clark University and his M.S. in bioinformatics from Brandeis University.