John Dunlap

Deputy Medical Executive
California Correctional Health Care Services
John Dunlap, DO is a board certified Family Medicine physician, a fellow in Correctional Medicine and holds professional certifications in both Correctional Healthcare and Healthcare Quality. He has worked for California Correctional Health Care Services (CCHCS) for 13 years, holding various positions in the organization, at both the correctional facility and headquarters level. Over the last 2 years, he has held the position of Deputy Medical Executive working in the Quality Management Unit overseeing development and maintenance of CCHCS's healthcare informatics, focused on performance evaluation through a robust healthcare dashboard of more than 200 measures and population health with more than 60 population health management tools. He is honored to work with so many talented individuals at CCHCS, but particularly the innovative and industrious members of the Quality Management Unit. His future professional goals include improving healthcare continuity between correctional agencies with other public agencies and private healthcare systems through public policy and information technology solutions. He also is looking forward to advancing CCHCS informatics program into predictive analytics to better forecast the healthcare needs of the incarcerated population in California and associated resource demands placed on state to provide safe, efficient, and effective healthcare.