Jim Jellison

Director, Practice Support
Public Health Informatics Institute
Jim Jellison is the director of Practice Support at the Public Health Informatics Institute, where he focuses on interoperability between information systems used by public health and clinical care. His current projects address electronic public health case reporting, clinical decision support for public health guidance, and facilitating strategic planning for informatics at public health agencies. Jim has nearly 20 years of experience evaluating technical and social aspects of health information systems. He is an alumnus of the CDC Informatics Fellowship where he worked with the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network on a platform integrating environmental hazard and health outcomes data. Prior to that he was with the Nashville Tennessee health department in roles related to geographic information systems, disease surveillance, emergency preparedness, and environmental health. Jim holds a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from East Tennessee State University and a Bachelor of Arts in the Social Sciences from Michigan State University. Jim currently serves as project director for Digital Bridge, a collaboration between health care providers, health information technology companies, and public health to ensure population health improvements through better cross-sector information exchange.