Jillian S. Waller, MHA

Health Systems Engineer
Mayo Clinic
Jillian Waller is a Health Systems Engineer at Mayo Clinic and a two-time graduate of the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Throughout her career in healthcare she has explored interests in quality improvement, strategy and business development, and, most recently, operations research and management engineering. Having previously held positions at Ochsner Health System in New Orleans and at Northwell Health in New York, Ms. Waller has fostered a wide array of problem-solving experience, developing and designing innovative solutions to complex issues in diverse markets. Her passion for stewardship in higher education has inspired her return to her Alma Mater to develop curricula and offer lectures in early career development and process improvement to graduate students. Ms. Waller's commitment to education and inquiry led to her being awarded the Jeffrey H. Epstein Scholarship Award, recognizing the health systems management graduate who fosters camaraderie and pushes both students and faculty to explore wide-ranging intellectual curiosities. In her free time, Ms. Waller is currently developing research questions in operational assessment and queuing theory, drawing on her experiences as a Health Systems Engineer at Mayo Clinic.
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