Jennifer Kotwicki

Director of Case Management, Post-Acute Center
BayCare Health System
Jennifer Kotwicki is the Director of Case Management, Post-Acute Center with BayCare Health Systems. BayCare Health Systems is a fully integrated health services delivery network that includes 14 non-profit hospitals and over 340 service locations across Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Polk counties with a skilled workforce 26,900 strong and growing. BayCare directly employs more than 5,400 credentialed, privileged physicians to ensure both continuity and quality of care. BayCare provided just over $346 million in Community Benefit to include traditional charity care, un-reimbursed Medicaid costs, means-tested programs and community services in 2016. Driven by a legacy rooted in service and compassion and our values of trust, respect, dignity, and health care excellence for our community – BayCare Health System works diligently to execute our mission to improve the health of all we serve through community-owned, health care services that set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care. Jennifer Kotwicki leads the Post-Acute Center, a team of Registered Nurses, Social Workers, and Case Management Assistants. The Post-Acute Center identifies patients at risk for hospital readmission and then follows them for 30 days post-discharge from the acute care setting. Jennifer has participated in a sizeable number of institutionally sponsored projects – including leading the creation of the BayCare eCARE eSNF Program. Jennifer recently received her first major private foundation grant supporting a project to create and measure the impact of providing no cost transportation to low income patients to return to follow-up care for 90 days post an acute hospital encounter by partnering with Uber. The award and program was announced in Becker’s in November 2016 with Jennifer as the Principal Investigator on the effort. Jennifer holds a Master in Social Work degree as well as a Master in Business Administration with concentrations in Sustainability and Health Administration