Jeff Tobe

Certified Speaking Professional
Infinite Speakers Agency
When you’re truly customer-centric, your first question should be what comes after the ‘but’ When you hire someone known for coloring outside the lines, you need to throw expectation out the window. I help drive personal and business success by getting my audiences out of their comfort zones—and helping them uncover opportunities to be exceptional. As a guest speaker, I’ve been known to ask the host to sit on the floor. I’ve asked entire audiences to remove something they are wearing. I’ve just told you I can get rid of your “but.” And I can. “But” isn’t a typo. It’s a customer hold up. Have you ever told a friend, “So-and-so’s food is delicious, BUT the parking is horrible” or, “ACME is a great company to work for, BUT their customer service policy makes it hard to please my customers”? The minute you get your employees asking, “What comes after the ‘but’?” is the minute you start to become customer-centric. By asking them to put “that’s how we’ve always done it” aside, and helping them rekindle their inner innovation and creativity, I help your employees start asking what comes after the “but” in your company. speltips fotboll gratis halvtid speltips betting tips spelbloggar In a nutshell, I help my customers apply creative thinking to their business processes to find and keep high quality clients. Excel at the human side of business The first step to loyal customers is loyal employees. My employee engagement keynotes and workshops will give you the tools you need to foster an environment of employee engagement, developing the foundation necessary for an exceptional customer experience. By inviting all employees to engage in the creative process of customer experience design, you’ll create leaders at every level—brand ambassadors who are committed to provide your customers with the very best service imaginable. You’ll learn how to develop loyal employees that your customers LOVE.