Jaya Tripathi

Principal Scientist, Analytics
The MITRE Corporation
Jaya Tripathi is a principal scientist and an advanced analytics expert in The MITRE Corporation’s Information Technology Technical Center. She is the principal investigator in MITRE’s effort to apply health IT concepts to address prescription drug abuse and fraud. Since joining MITRE in 2004, her research has covered physician credentialing, patient consents in electronics health records, surveillance of anti-viral drugs, telemedicine, and identifying prescription drug fraud and abuse. In 2016, Jaya was given the Director’s award for her contributions to research on prescription drug fraud and abuse. She is the inventer of two web-based tools, the Fraud Investigator’s Analytic Tool, F.I.A.T., and a decision-making tool for opioid management, MeDSS, that prescribers can use at the point of care and pharmacists at the point of sale. Before joining MITRE, Ms. Tripathi worked at several multinational corporations, applying big data analytics on projects such as a customer retention forecasting pilot for a major telecommunications company, and the origin-and-destination revenue management, one of the most significant innovations in the airline industry. In 2017, she won the National Women of Color STEM award for Outstanding Technical Contributions in Industry. She holds master’s degrees in physics and computer science from the University of Texas.