Jay Nakashima

Executive Director
eHealth Exchange
Over the past 25 years Jay Nakashima has designed and implemented EHRs, optimized clinical workflow, and spearheaded data exchange. Jay has worked for health IT vendors, providers, payers, and now leads the eHealth Exchange, the nation’s oldest and largest public-private health information network. Convening industry and government, the eHealth Exchange is dedicated to addressing the challenges of secure, health information exchange to improve patient care. Jay Nakashima began his career with IBM Asia Pacific headquarters in Tokyo specializing in technology Research and Development, but focused the subsequent 25 years on Health Information Technology. After IBM, Jay earned an MBA, served as the CIO for Colorado’s largest health plan, Vice President of Product Management for a major EHR vendor, and joined DaVita to align business needs with advanced technology solutions. Jay Nakashima took the helm of the eHealth Exchange during a period of significant transformation for the leading health information network. Under his leadership, the eHealth Exchange separated from The Sequoia Project, a reflection of the non-profit network's maturity and sustainability. He is spearheading an aggressive road map of network enhancements to better serve network participants, and the patients and providers they serve.

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