Jay J Ye

Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates
Jay J Ye, MD, PhD Pathologist Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates Twitter: LinkedIn: Jay J Ye, MD, PhD, is a pathologist practicing at Dahl-Chase Pathologist Associates/Eastern Maine Medical Center, and he serves as the Chief of Pathology Service of Eastern Maine Medical Center and co-director for the information and technology department of Dahl-Chase Pathology Associates. He is board-certified in anatomic pathology, clinical pathology and dermatopathology. As the Chief of Pathology Service, he has been closely involved in many quality assurance and performance improvement activities over the years. He has an interest in computer programming; he wrote a rule-based artificial intelligent system that enables pathology report preparation to be efficient and with much reduced reporting errors (Ye J: Artificial Intelligence For Pathologists Is Not Near - It Is Here: Description of a prototype that can transform how we practice pathology tomorrow, Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, 2015; 139: 929–935). He is also interested in data science; as part of the QA and PI endeavors, he has written programs using data science approach. These programs are routinely used in the pathology department to catch elusive reporting errors within the anatomic pathology reports.