Jas Grewal

Jaspinder Grewal is an entrepreneur, computer scientist, consultant, patient advocate, and health care expert with over 15 years' experience leading efforts to advance technology adoption and improve patient care. Jas started his first company in 2001 providing technology consulting. After it was acquired, he spent 5 years at Mt. Sinai in Chicago working on strategic projects around operations, then shifted over to outside consulting with Thomson Reuters on technology strategy and operations. That experience led him to a executive position with DaVita Healthcare overseeing regional operations. Jas' technical, operational, and health care experience exposed him to repeated shortcomings in how technology was being applied to solve challenges in managing patients and provider operations. Working in conjunction with an extended team of health practitioner advisers, Jas began crafting a concept for applying technology to improve individual patient experiences and outcomes while also improving provider financial performance. That concept, with the help of his wife, a cardiologist at Mt. Sinai, became CareSkore. Jas earned his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Punjab Technical University and his MBA from The University of Chicago.