Jarrett Kolthoff

A former Special Agent – U.S. Army Counterintelligence, with over two decades of experience in the field of Information Security, Jarrett stands as one of the industry’s most respected authorities on Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Security and Cyber Counterintelligence. A “hands-on, roll up your sleeves” style leader, Jarrett works every day with SpearTip’s cyber counterintelligence operatives to identify, assess, neutralize, exploit and eliminate threats waged against the company’s clients. Courtroom & Legal Expertise A compelling figure in the courtroom and in depositions, Jarrett’s sincerity and deep understanding of subject matter make him a highly desirable expert witness in cyber crime cases. His civil casework includes investigations and analysis in anti-trust lawsuits, as well as cases involving embezzlement, collusion, intellectual property theft and corporate espionage. Public Speaking A dynamic, personable and persuasive speaker, Jarrett’s ability to communicate complex subjects and theories in easy-to-understand terms makes him a popular speaker at conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and with the news media. Known for his ability to weave real world stories and memorable narratives into his presentations. Professional Affiliations & Community Involvement Beyond being a leader in his field, Jarrett also stays active in his community, helping others improve both professionally and personally. You can regularly find Jarrett working with one of the following groups or organizations: Mercy Health Systems, St. Louis, MO - Cyber Security, Sub-Committee Member - Board Saint Louis Civic Pride, Board Member National Forensic Science Technology Center, Board Member Washington University in St. Louis, Adjunct Professor, Cyber Security Master’s Program Maryville University in St. Louis, Adjunct Professor, Cyber Security Master’s Program Espionage Research Institute International, Board Member Midwest Cyber Center - Board Member