James Kragh

Cybersecurity Compliance Consultant
Health Data Trustee
Mr Kragh launched his career as a Vice President in a lead bank of a major bank holding company as part of hand picked a team that launched Florida’s first ATM network. Armed with distributed system design skills he shifted careers and started his own mechanical, electrical and life safety engineering firm using computer aided computer systems with a primary focus on hospitals and schools. During that time a major medical group and hospital asked if he would help them automate their clinical documentation processes and in-turn trained him in various medical specialties. That ushered in the world of ASTM, HL 7, NIST, IEEE and other standards that impacted healthcare which led to design one of the first graphically based EMR’s systems with Oracle as a strategic partner just before the market crashed in 2000. In 2003 his company with Sprint, team leader, and a prescription software company, won a Florida Medicaid contract that collectively generated Medicaid’s first positive ROI’s for a secure access pharmacology project. Mr Kragh's teamed trained and credentialed 1500 physicians each with an electronic authenticated identity following NIST 800-63.1 and imbedded roaming certs with the doctors trusted e-ID into a PDA cellphone provided by Sprint to assist with state formulary management, doctor shopping, fraud and access to a rolling 90 day patient prescription history. Regarding NSTIC-IDESG, since day one he as been an active voting contributor on Privacy, Security, Trust Framework and User Committees, having a strong interest in Medical Informatics Cybersecurity Trust Marks and Identity Access Management. In 2014 he was elected secretary of IDESG Healthcare Working Group and that year he, as a consultant, helped HIMSS launch the Identity Management Task Force of which is a member today. This year he was elected Vice Chair of the Vulnerable Populations Group to create a plan for users in this populating to gain access to a validated personal identity.