Jon Bonham

Jon Bonham is a Principal and subject matter expert in Coalfire’s Cyber Assurance Services division. He has been with Coalfire since 2008 when he was brought on to help manage the Coalfire One services platform. He is a regular speaker at many conferences in the Enterprise arena. His knowledge of the large diversified organizations and how to manage compliance is often in demand. His clients include state and local governments, large and small university systems and hospitals and hospital system from coast to coast. These organizations all have many small and diverse merchants that roll up to report as a single larger entity. Being able to account for all the different business needs, hardware, software and processes can be a daunting task. His background in special projects has given him a unique way to look at problems from different angles to come up with solutions that save, time and money for his customers. Before Coalfire, he worked for a decade with a Fortune 500 company in the financial sector as well as working as a consultant on special projects dealing with software design.