Heather Sulkers

Senior Portfolio Manager
Heather has extensive experience, leveraging her nursing background, implementing healthcare information technology systems in hospitals, community health service providers and physician practices in Canada, the US and Australia. She has proven stakeholder engagement and communication experience in clinical settings, understanding the transformation of clinical workflows and process optimization enabled by clinical systems, incorporation of privacy and security requirements and development of transition, readiness and change management plans. Heather has a strong understanding of the complexities involved in achieving healthcare transformation via the implementation of new information technology platforms such as the Cerner CIS at an Ontario Academic Health Centre. Heather has spent the past two years as the Senior Portfolio Manager for the Cerner CIS at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. She has led numerous successful Performance Improvement projects and played an instrumental role in shaping the vision behind the CIS. Heather’s experience and clinical background has enabled her to actively engage with clinicians and stakeholders across all levels of an organization to ensure technology adoption is streamlined and maximized. Her passion and dedication to the CIS subject has been demonstrated through numerous presentations to external organizations highlighting the tools and impact of the system in a mental health setting. In addition, Heather has been responsible for the implementation of major initiatives within the CIS. Most recently Heather led all project and preparatory work which positioned CAMH to achieve HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 in June 2017.