Harrislogic Harris

Chief Revenue Officer
Adapt of America
Hudson Harris acts as Chief Revenue Officer for Harris Logic, a company that leverages big data technology in conjunction with traditional support services to prevent crises and save lives. In this role, Hudson is responsible for managing client services, driving the technology roadmap and ensuring strong privacy protections for clients and their constituents. Hudson also plays a significant role in the company’s business strategy, risk management and compliance. Hudson previously served as Chief Implementation Officer at Adapt of America, where he oversaw the launch of technology and support services for jails, behavioral health authorities, and on behalf of large municipalities. His earlier experience as an attorney for a number of practices (including his own) focused on protecting individuals against unfair practices, such as medical malpractice and discrimination in the areas of employment, housing and disability. Hudson is licensed to practice law in the state of California. Hudson brings a versatile background to the table, with a history steeped in finance, analytics and writing, he was also able to take his keen software development prowess and apply it to the burgeoning need of telephonic and mobile outreach crisis services to aid in suicide prevention. With the conception and execution of their behavioral healthcare platform, he has helped change the industry standard by effectively marrying his expert skill set with a passion to identify and save those at risk, with a better approach. In addition to his role in developing the company’s growth strategy - short and long-term - with the executive team and board of directors, he also handles client management efforts and coordination of client outreach across all sales channels. Hudson received his Bachelors Degree in International Affairs from George Washington University, a Masters of International Business from Webster University and a J.D. of Law from Thomas Jefferson School of Law.