Gary Southwell

General Manager
With over 20 years in cybersecurity, Gary brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to overcome the industry’s most challenging cybersecurity issues. His approach centers not only on applying the latest technologies and techniques in effective solutions, but that these solutions can be readily deployed by any IT professional without need for a PhD in cybersecurity technology. Gary’s security career began at Checkpoint where he worked on the company’s first-generation network firewalls and routed networks designed to stop the earliest known cyber threats. Later, while at Juniper, he was played a key role in advancing the scale and operation of stateless firewalls to gigabit speeds as well as an initiative to drive the wide-scale adoption of early IPS solutions touted for effective east-west threat detection with rules-based systems. In 2014, Gary founded Seceon and launched the first successful true data science-based universal threat detection and containment system. Based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the Seceon solution automates the SOC processes – making advanced security deployable to the masses. Most recently, Gary joined CSPi as General Manager of its Cybersecurity Division. He was excited by the opportunity to take a more active role in fighting the war on terror using data capture intelligence – with solutions now standardized by the world’s intelligence agencies. His latest focus is taking variations of all of these techniques and bringing them to the masses to provide a more effective, automated and orchestrated means to stop the loss of PII/PHI data loss once and for all.
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