Federica Sandri

Project Manager
Arsenàl.IT Consortium
Federica Sandri- Master’s Degree in Bioengineering at University of Padua in 2008 and employed in Arsenàl.IT from 2009; at the begininnig (January 2009-October 2009) as IT business analyst of Health Optimum Project, an European project that permitted the implementation and development of telemedicine services for neurosurgical teleconsultation, telelaboratory, neurological teleconsultation for managing patients hit by ischemic stroke and patients following oral anticoagulant therapy. From October 2009 – December 2012, project manager of Veneto ESCAPE Project, co-funded by Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation and the Veneto Region. It is an initiative that allows the digital management of the whole cycle for signing, certifying, filing, extracting, distributing and storing up clinical digital reports. From October 2012, Project manager of the Veneto Region electronic heath record (EHR) model, more like health information exchange (HIE) system, that guarantees the clinical data sharing among all the local healthcare authorities and hospital trusts aiming at enhancing the healthcare process on a regional basis. The innovation of the model lays in sharing the whole process with the professionals working inside the healthcare regional system. She is member of IHE international, patient care coordination tech committee, member of electronic health record - system functional model inter-regional group and member of HL7 Italy. She supports Veneto Region as technical specialist during national technical commettee composed by Ministery of Health, Ministery of Public Administration and Innovation and Ministery of Economy, during national planning public healthcare commettee composed by Ministery of Health and Italian regions and in defining several public healthcare guidelines.