Erin Reynolds

University of Southern Indiana
Trained as an Epidemiologist, Dr. Erin Reynolds has a specific interest in harnessing the power of research to collaborate with public health, government, and communities to translate research into community action. For the past seven years, Dr. Reynolds conducted research, participated in team projects, and lead partnerships across the university and within the community. Her interest in public health started during her PhD when she began working with the University of the Gambia as an adjunct professor in their new MPH program. Since her appointment as an Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing and Health Professions at the University of Southern Indiana in 2013, Dr. Reynolds became engaged in several interprofessional collaborations and implemented several service learning projects into her teaching. Her expertise on collecting needs assessment and programmatic evaluation data in the community have a clear impact on the ability to collect outcome data on which to build a community intervention.