Eran Ofir

CEO and Co-founder
Eran has over 19 years of executive roles, where he established and led business units at multinational companies such as AOL Mobile, Amdocs, Convergys and NCR. Eran lived and worked in Israel, South Africa, China and the US, selling software and services to customers in telecom, internet, retail, utilities, financial services and healthcare sectors. Tel-Aviv University graduate in Electrical Engineering (BSc) and Finance-Marketing MBA. Eran finds excitement from dealing with innovative disruptive technologies that can change industries. Once he recognizes such a technology, he uses his vast commercial experience to identify the most significant use-cases, penetrate the relevant market and generate a profitable business around it. That was the case for Eran with electro-optic switching chips, GSM technology, smart-grid, retail SaaS and now BMD (body motion data) for the healthcare industry.