Elizabeth Koumpan

Senior Staff/Staff
Elizabeth Koumpan is an IBM Thought Leader in the Architect profession. Over the past 30 years, Elizabeth has demonstrated expertise in solving business problems in information architecture, analytics, information integration and governance. Currently, Elizabeth is focusing on leveraging the explosion of information within the Healthcare Ecosystem. The evolving ecosystem encompasses new technology areas including Internet of Things, cognitive computing and BigData challenges. Elizabeth demonstrates the ability to understand and reduce the complexity of information science to deliver personalized insights to our clients. Elizabeth is providing technical leadership and support for client engagements from pre-sales through deployment & support, functioning as a trusted technology advisor to key clients. She is leveraging and developing emerging solutions for the Healthcare industry through collaborative development with our clients and IBM BUs. Elizabeth was responsible for translating the client's business requirements to define the structures of Watson technology solutions and architectures in conjunction with the Offering Management team and Market Adoption leaders. As a Senior Architect, Elizabeth led numerous technology assessment projects. Her clients included Canadian federal and provincial government and major Canadian and US financial institutions. She served as a Design Authority for Canadian clients. She has been a person to reach out for expertise, advice and knowledge sharing in Electronics-Medical Devices Industry. Before joining IBM Elizabeth was a n architect with BearingPoint, Franklin Templeton Investments, LGS, S&C Electrics, Ukrainian Research institution