Eduardo Cordioli

General Manager
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Dr. Eduardo Cordioli is a medical doctor graduated by São Paulo Federal University Medical School, Brazil, considered one of the best medical schools in Latin America. Completed his medical training in General Surgery and Obstetrics/Gynecology at the same institution, one of the most well-known academic centers in the south hemisphere. Since 2001 dr. Cordioli works at the Hospital Albert Einstein, the largest private, non-profit, healthcare institution in Latin America. After extensive training in healthcare management, in 2007 started as operations manager at the obstetrics department, with great achievements in general performance and efficiency. In 2013 started as manager of Advanced Emergency and Diagnostic Units, also achieving superior results and soon has been designated general manager of the recently created Telemedicine Center. Dr. Cordioli leaded in only two years a 600-fold growth of telehealth operations, turning Albert Einstein’s Telemedicine Center a major telehealth player in national and international markets. As head of the Telemedicine Center, Dr. Cordioli is a frequent representative of Brazilian telehealth market on national and international debates.